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Travellers have TripAdvisor, hunters now have SAFARI ADVISOR

It is a fact that people do are doing more and more research online before booking that long dreamed of hunt.

As independent platform African Outfitter offers a transparent process to ensure credibility, giving objective, independent client feedback that will help you screen possible hunting destinations.

On Safari Advisor you will be able to get a comprehensive overview of various hunting destinations in Africa. Full details of the outfitter, information about the location & vegetation and species available, to important info such as nearest medical facilities are listed.

Safari Advisor is your modern-day “bush telegram” and the next best thing to word-of-mouth! Clients that have hunted with the specific outfitter will be able to review and rate their experience according to these categories

  1. Accommodation & meals
  2. Rate the hunt: was PH knowledgeable
  3. Field prep and after service
  4. Was the outfitter’s equipment in good condition
  5. Was expectations met

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