Buffalo Hunt in Magical Maasailand – by Ivan Carter

The car engine, in low gear, screamed as we hit the first few metres of black mud, the spinning wheels

Early days of professional hunting in South Africa

When professional hunting first started in South Africa, there were very few set rules and no compulsory licensing of the

Contemplating a true classic African cartridge – by Hendrik van der Schyff

This very topic came under discussion once at an AIM Show some years ago when a hunter told me about

The State of Hunting in Ethiopia – My Impressions – by Peter Flack

I like Ethiopia. I like the Ethiopian people. I like hunting in Ethiopia. In fact, I have spent nearly 100

Nitro Express – the British had it right – by Johan van Wyk

As a group, the large bore British Nitro Express cartridges are in a class all by themselves. They were developed

How close is too close? by Ivan Carter

His head was huge. In fact, there was a good three feet between the tusks, every wrinkle visible as he

A Monarch Falls in Wakamba Land – by JJ Smith

It was just after daybreak and we were driving down the hunting track along the bank of the Athi River,

Around the campfire with Jacques Greef

I started my career as PH in 1976 when I returned to the family-owned farms in the Smaldeel area of

Trackers – The other forgotten half

For those who have hunted the Big Five on more than one occasion, and have had a bad experience in

My wanderings through Africa – by Mike Cameron

My wanderings through Central Africa heralded a time of adventure, excitement, hardship and great hunting – a time filled with

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