July/Aug 2017 Issue – Cover Stories

Evaluation of hunting scopes Ballistics expert Chris Bekker takes an in-depth look at low-mounting hunting scopes of no more than

May/June 2017 Issue – Cover Stories

Polar bear challenge PH Graham Jones and a friend embarked on an unusual adventure – a polar bear hunt in

March/April 2017 Issue – Cover Stories

Tanzania lion hunt Christophe Beau took clients Claude and Sonia Magnin to Tanzania to experience a fair-chase hunt for a

January/February 2017 Issue – Cover Stories

Million dollar nyala What are the greatest threats to our wildlife and wild places in Africa? What is modern-day conservation?

November/December 2016 Issue – Cover Stories

A latter-day migration: Foreign bucks move from SA to Namibia Where is the most popular place to hunt in Southern

September/October 2016 Issue – Cover Stories

Caveat Congo – The anatomy of a hunting disaster Peter Flack was looking forward to hunting in the Republic of

July/August 2016 Issue – Cover Stories

Three leopard in one tree Owen Connor recalls how he and two other hunters each took a leopard from the

May/June 2016 Issue – Cover Stories

The Hunter’s ImageIvan Carter explains how powerful the anti-hunters have become and how important it is for hunters to realise

March/April 2016 Issue – Cover Stories

Bookend rifles and bookend bulls Dr Ken Nelson and his son Blake went buffalo hunting in Tanzania with legendary PH

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