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Million dollar nyala What are the greatest threats to our wildlife and wild places in Africa? What is modern-day conservation? What are you doing to support true conservation? Ivan Carter speaks his mind Namibia’s Nyae-Nyae: Home of the tuskers Herman Jonker visited the Nyae-Nyae on the rim of the Kalahari

A latter-day migration: Foreign bucks move from SA to Namibia Where is the most popular place to hunt in Southern Africa? The answer to that has always been clear, but things have changed lately. And not without good reason, some may argue. Herman Jonker investigates How to become a PH

Caveat Congo – The anatomy of a hunting disaster Peter Flack was looking forward to hunting in the Republic of the Congo (ROC) but was utterly disillusioned: “Any person proposing to visit or do business in ROC should have his head read!” African Explorers: Samuel Baker In her series on

Three leopard in one tree Owen Connor recalls how he and two other hunters each took a leopard from the same tree, the biggest tree in the Zambezi Valley, during three different hunts in the then Rhodesia’s Rifa Triangle Best guns from Birmingham Many of the “best” guns bearing famous

The Hunter’s ImageIvan Carter explains how powerful the anti-hunters have become and how important it is for hunters to realise this and to take action to portray a positive image of hunting and hunters.   African explorers: Savorgnan de Brazza and the French CongoBrazzaville, situated in today’s Republic of Congo,

Bookend rifles and bookend bulls Dr Ken Nelson and his son Blake went buffalo hunting in Tanzania with legendary PH Johan Calitz, each using a Dakota 76 African in .416 Rigby.   Reckless courage Geoff Wainwright and a client shared some tense moments in Tanzania’s Moyowosi hunting block when confronted