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Elephant hunting – will it soon be a thing of the past?

The ban on hunting in Botswana and on the importation of Zimbabwean and Tanzanian ivory by the US Fish and Wildlife Service are foremost in African hunters’ minds and of great concern, writes Ivan Carter

The evolution of “Magnum” cartridges

The word “Magnum” has long had mythical connotations when it comes to guns and ammunition. Chris Bekker takes a close look at the development of and history behind these rifle cartridges

John Rigby & Co: A phoenix from the ashes

The name of British gunmakers John Rigby & Co will forever be associated with fine, reliable rifles and big-game hunting in exotic destinations. However, the road has not always been smooth, writes Johan van Wyk

Canned killings and other unnatural behaviour in the game ranching industry

“Those offering canned and put-and-take killings, those offering domesticated wildlife and manipulated, intensively bred, unnatural colour variations and freaks for sale are putting hunting at risk and, by definition, conservation.” - Peter Flack

Thoughts on sympathetic restoration

The restoration of valuable firearms is a contentious issue amongst many collectors. The question of whether to submit a fine old firearm to the sometimes not-so-tender embraces of a gunsmith should not be taken lightly

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