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.303 British – hopefully not forgotten

The .303 British was developed in 1887 and adopted by Britain in 1888 when the country was looking for a small-bore infantry rifle to replace the .577/450 Martini Henry. Andrew Tonkin has the whole story

The heart of the hunter

The hunts you will remember the most, and the trophies you will treasure above all others, are not the ones that measured the most, but those which took the most from you. – Ivan Carter

Keeping it real with lion in the Niassa

Derek Carstens and his hunting buddy, Peter Flack, experienced a memorable lion hunt in northern Mozambique’s wild Niassa Reserve and realised once again that it is about so much more than just the hunt

Hunting the trophy hippo

Benand Els provides handy hints for the hunter who wishes to hunt a trophy hippo, which will assist the hunter with planning and preparing for the hunt, as well as selecting and shooting the trophy

The venerable .470 Nitro Express

Johan van Wyk delves into the history of this old British classic that withstood the test of time and played a large part in putting the old British Nitro Express cartridges on the map again

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