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The car engine, in low gear, screamed as we hit the first few metres of black mud, the spinning wheels met the water and threw a spray in a high arc either side of the truck. I quickly shifted into a lower gear and felt the tires gain some semblance

When professional hunting first started in South Africa, there were very few set rules and no compulsory licensing of the few operators and PHs. Lion, leopard and cheetah were considered vermin. No licence was required to shoot these species at that time. During the early days when I was operating

This very topic came under discussion once at an AIM Show some years ago when a hunter told me about his custom-built rifle. Even when his decision to have a custom rifle built was conceived, his mind was made up that it would be in a true South African calibre.

I like Ethiopia. I like the Ethiopian people. I like hunting in Ethiopia. In fact, I have spent nearly 100 days hunting in this fascinating country during four visits over the last 12 years but, of course, that does not make me an expert on things Ethiopian and, therefore, what

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